The Courthouse, Deansgate

Historic Building Refurb

One of Manchester’s grade II listed buildings, the Courthouse, Deansgate. It fronts the cities busiest thoroughfare and is a landmark building in a vibrant district. We were called in to save the day here as the original painting outfit who were contracted for the job failed to meet the expectations of the developers. Their preparation of designated areas was just not good enough and if there is something all of our divisions are well trained on – it’s preparation. The key to any good finish.

Subsequently one of our teams moved in and we had 4 men working on this iconic building for 2 weeks bringing the standard of work back to where it should of been.

The focus was on quality preparation, this is a Grade II listed building, singled out for its historic, cultural andarchitectural significance, there’s no messing about. The job was finished off with 2 topcoats of Johnstones Acrylic Satin much to the delight of everyone involved.

Another successful call in for SD Painting to pick up the pieces where others had failed to impress.