Hand Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Some of the SD Painting Team have recently returned from painting on the east coast of America. The contract involved sending a couple of members of our Specialist Team out to Delaware in the USA where they were commissioned to refurbish a high-end Designer Kitchen.

Mark Wilkinson shipped all the cabinetry across from the UK, along with the fitter, and fitted the kitchen ready for us to paint.

Apart from looking at the plans, the first time we saw the kitchen was when we arrived at the house for our first day of work.

We did all the usual prep such as making good any nail holes and caulking all the joints to maintain the detail. We were using Mark Wilkinsons own brand paint which we hadn’t used before. The main difference being it was a water base rather than our usual oil based version.

The trickiest part of working with this paint was that because of the humidity and heat the paint was drying very fast on the surface. We over came this by completing sections first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

As the pictures show the kitchen colours and worktops all look terrific!

This was our first assignment completed outside of the UK and we are very pleased with the results and look forward to working alongside this reputable company in the future.


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