Foot Asylum – Various Sites

Retail Painting and Decorating Contractor – Foot Asylum, Blackpool

When searching for a painting and decorating contractor to complete projects throughout the retail sector where timelines are tight and work requires minimal fuss and disruption to normal service, SD Painting Contractors can be relied upon to exceed expectations for delivering outstanding results.

As a specialist in professional, efficient and high quality retail painting and decorating, we were delighted to be asked to complete a series of redecoration projects for Foot Asylum stores throughout the North West.

As a premium retailer offering only designer footwear, Foot Asylum stores are a statement for their brand as well as an outlet for retail sales. Décor must enhance the brand and consistently maintain a professional, premium feel, we were chosen to work in partnership with TA Knox Shopfitters to revitalise a number of stores including Blackpool and Manchester Arndale.

Our task of complete internal redecoration required tight scheduling to ensure work was complete prior to the next stage being carried out by other trades on site at the same time. We had between 4-6 contractors on site each day to ensure the best possible job was completed. We completed a full internal fitout so it was all plaster skimmed in preparation for the shopfitter, we then returned to paint the finished walls. We used a normal spec mist coat followed by two top coats of Dulux Trade. We had a real challenge to hang velvet fabric, part of the Foot Asylum image, but managed to complete the job and deliver an outstanding result.

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional job, on time, exceeding client’s expectations – Foot Asylum are the latest in the line of our delighted retail painting clients.