The Barnes Village Development

Breathing New Life Into Barnes Hospital With Renowned Local Decorating Firm If you have been resident in the area for some time, you will have been unable to miss the 1870’s brick built Barnes Hospital, Cheadle, towering over the surroundings. First built away from the centre of the then industrial ...
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Renovation Of Older Properties

Renovating older properties and listed buildings Renovating those older – and more majestic – properties can certainly make for a desirable so it’s important to get things right from the word ‘go’! When a house builder takes on an older building, or listed property, it is the ideal setting for ...
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Painting and decorating project Bodykind – Warehouse-Offices by SD Painting Contractors

Professional Decorating For Industry

Professional Painting and Decorating For Industrial Applications The décor of industrial spaces is often dictated by a large degree by the intended purpose of the space. Hygiene coatings for food preparation areas, acoustic claddings for factory floors and warehouse line markings to name but a few specifics. Decorating the workplace ...
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New Build Homes

New Build Homes – Why Choosing a Quality Contractor Counts On completion of a new build project it is vital to finish the job properly by employing a quality contractor to undertake the painting and decorating. Having put lots of hard work into the design and build of a home, ...
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Design Trends For Exciting Offices

Design Trends for Offices We spend a lot of time at work, so having an office that is functional and beautifully designed and decorated is a priority. So if your office is looking out-dated and unexciting try one of these ideas to create an appealing and motivating space you enjoy ...
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UPVC spraying in Manchester

Give Your Garden A Makeover This Summer

Refresh Your Garden This Summer As we continue to enjoy the sunshine, we get to spend more time outside and when the outside of our home isn’t up to scratch, it can cast some shade on your outdoor entertaining. To help you make the best of the exterior of our ...
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Offices, Shops and Services – How Your Decor Influences Your Customers

Why professionally painted and decorated premises can help improve your business. Let’s be honest, if we hear the words “colour psychology” when we think about decor, most of us would be ask “What?”, while the rest try to stifle a giggle. But if considered in detail, the idea of choosing ...
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painting decorating manchester

Quality Counts in Painting and Decorating

Decorating your house, office or industrial unit,  is, depending on the size, a fairly large task, and one that you really only want to plan for periodically.  Therefore, when you do it, unless you are a serial decorator, you want to ensure that you don’t need to do it again ...
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